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Mar 13, 06

From our current issue of HR News and Views:

It is based on Paul Dolan’s book “True to Our Roots: Fermenting a Business Revolution” and my conversation with Paul Dolan. The book is about his incredible journey which reaffirms the highest values that all sustainable businesses can and should embody.

Paul Dolan’s journey of change and transformation begins when he felt the impact of chemicals on the environment in general and on the grapes in particular, first hand at the Fetzer Vineyards in 1987. Paul Dolan, then the head wine maker recalls the difference in tastes between two blocks of vines a few feet apart. One “infused with lush, creamy flavours of ripe figs and melon, perfect for Sauvignon Blanc” and the other “less flavourful and less expressive”. The first block of vines was a part of an experiment to farm some of the vineyards organically.

The book offers the guiding principles and his personal story of how he and his team built Fetzer Vineyards as one of the largest brands in the United States in the premium wines category, making nearly four million cases of wine each year. They farm organically all the vineyards they own. They have increased earnings on an average 15% each year through the 1990’s while keeping their environmental and social responsibilities as top priorities.

One of the guiding principles in creating the future you want is

  • The Power of Conversation: “People do what they talk about, and they talk about what they do.”

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    More on Conversations:

    Here is a video talk on the “Power of good conversation” by Professor Lynda Gratton, London Business School.

    According to her, “Executives who are prepared to have meaningful, purposeful conversations become powerful role models to people around them about what?s valued in the workplace.”

    Via David Gurteen’s newsletter that introduces a new initiative between him and 50 Lessons.

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