Leadership and Learning

Mar 10, 06

To continue from the previous post:

A list of moderate to extensively used Leader Development programmes in the order of ranking (Page 17)

  • Formal workshops or training seminars (internal or external)
  • Special projects or assignments within one?s own job responsibilities
  • Reading articles, books, or other reference materials
  • Tests, assessments, or other measures of skills

  • Coaching with internal coaches or mentors
  • Special projects or assignments outside of one?s own job responsibilities
  • Computer-based learning (Internet/ CD-ROM-based self-study courses)
  • Coaching with external coaches or mentors
  • Expatriate assignments (moving to same or different roles/jobs in other Countries)
  • Another interesting finding was ?Formal training is the most common leader development practice, but special projects or assignments are the most effective. ( Page 18 )

    A finding that I find difficult to accept is ?Internet and other online sources? ranked the lowest amongst the different sources of learning for leaders.

    The top six sources of learning for Leaders according to the study are:

  • Observing others (68%)
  • Trail and error on the job (67%)
  • My current manager/ supervisor (58%)
  • Reading (56%)
  • Coworkers and peers at my company (54%)
  • Formal training experience (53% )
  • Internet and online resources just got 14%! This is surely too low in this age of the “google, wikipedia,webminars, blogs, online access to the various magazines and newspapers. Tons and tons of resources out there to be grabbed. Free or otherwise!

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