“Why should you be concerned about Social Networks?”

Mar 31, 06

From our current issue of HR News and Views:

It seems that the old adage, “It is not what you know but whom you know” is being proven true through mathematical models now. To modify that a little bit, what you know will give you the starting point and who you know will enable you to be truly successful. Your ability to leverage on your social networks decides whether you would make it to the upper echelons in your career.

The reason why organizations are paying attention to “Social Networks” is because flatter organizations and cross functional / geographical collaboration has resulted in people increasingly relying on personal networks to collaborate and to get work done effectively.

From an organization point of view, if the premise, “everybody is interdependent” holds true then it becomes important to recognize the network patterns that high performers leverage on to succeed. Technology has enabled Social Network researchers to measure and study how their success can be duplicated by others.

So what exactly is Organizational Network Analysis?

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