Notes of wisdom

Sep 6, 04

From the the two days at The Global Brand Forum

  • ?Most managers search for success in the wrong place. Let?s say you want to be rich;Do what they did before they became rich, not after!? Al Ries, the Guru of Branding for those wishing to study successful people.
  • ?Being number one does not mean we will be number one next year. It is a never ending battle to keep your position.? Minister Mentor, Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew on the dangers of complacency.
  • ?To be a leader, you need to have followers.? Dr. Warren Bennis
  • ?Everything that I am, I learnt from someone else.? Rudy Giuliani
  • ?Prepare relentlessly for any contingency.? Rudy Guiliani, who learnt this from his first boss, Federal Judge Lloyd McMohan. On an average, for a one hour in court, they would prepare for 4 hours.

  • ?Leadership is personal.? Dr. Kiran Bedi (This has been reiterated by a number of great leaders.)
  • ?Be brave because the things you fight for now are the same things you will be celebrated for years later.? Francis Ford Coppola
  • ?I can call spirits from the vasty deep. Why so can I, or so can any man; but will they come when you do call for them? Shakespeare, King Henry IV, Part I. Dr. Bennis quoting his favourite author, William Shakespeare on Leaders requiring followers.
  • ?If you want to know who is running the world, check who is hiring the artists.? Francis Ford Coppola
    “You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.” Oliver Goldsmith, a motto Dr. Kiran Bedi lives by.
  • To read in detail about the talk “Leadership in Difficult Times” by Rudy Giuliani, Ex-Mayor of New York, click here

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