Notes of Wisdom Part II

Sep 14, 04

From the the two days at The Global Brand Forum

  • Queen Victoria who allowed Benjamin Disraeli, the only commoner to shake her hand. This is what she had to say of Disraeli and his contemporary, Gladstone. ?When I am talking with Gladstone, I feel he is addressing the public media and when I am with Disraeli, I feel as though I am the smartest woman in England.? Whose company would people prefer to be in? Dr. Bennis shared this snippet on how leaders should bring out the best in people.
  • ?Be yourself and use every opportunity that comes to you. Be proud of whatever you are and whoever you are.? Dr. Kiran Bedi
  • ?Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional.? Dr. Kiran Bedi on what she learnt from her parents.
  • ?We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is a habit.? Socrates. Dr. Kiran Bedi on a principle she lives by.
  • ?We need language auditors to check the confrontational, provocative and hostile language we use.? Dr. Kiran Bedi
  • ?We are not in the coffee business serving people; we are in the people business serving coffee.? Dr. Warren Bennis quoting Howard Schultz to make the point that it is important for leaders to keep reminding people on ?what is important, what are we doing and why are we there??
  • ?You can?t stand for something if you put your name for everything.? Al Ries on branding.
  • ?Select one thing that you are good at and be known for that.? Al Ries
  • ?A good leader should be able to bring out the best possible capacities, talent and genius all of us have.? Dr. Warren Bennis
  • To read in detail about the talk “Leading in an age of vulnerability – The six time tested competencies of Exemplary Leadership” by Dr. Warren Bennis, click here

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