Global Brand Forum 2004

Aug 7, 04

The Global Brand Forum is around the corner again (August 16 and 17, 2004 in Singapore) and brings another stellar line-up of speakers.

While the name would seem to indicate that the forum is about ?Building Global Brands?, there is an equal emphasis on Leadership with this year’s theme being ‘Redefining Leadership in Brands and Business’.

The forum, one of its kind in this region is doing a great job in bringing Leaders, the world’s brightest minds to share their thoughts and debate the future of global business. It offers local organizations an opportunity to expose their people to ‘cutting edge thinking’ and get new ideas on how to distinguish themselves from competition.

Warren Bennis; ranked as 13th most important Living Management Thinker in 2003 is one of the speakers and he will be speaking on ?Leading in an Age of Vulnerability-The Six Time Tested Competencies of Exemplary Leadership”

He believes that the key to an organization’s survival in the years ahead will be its capacity ?to create the social architecture capable of generating intellectual capital.? And it is leadership that will be ?the key to realizing the full potential of intellectual capital.

If you are holding a Leadership position or aspiring to make a mark as Great Leader, hear from the Great Guru in person. If you work in Singapore or in the Asia Pacific region?, try to be there.

Another great leader whom I admire, Dr. Kiran Bedi is also featured as a speaker. If at any time you feel that you are a ?victim of your circumstances?, read about her career, seek inspiration and learn how to ?expand your circle of influence?. I intend writing more about her in another post.

I am hoping to get a media pass to cover the event. In case I do, please stop by to read what is currently in the minds of these great speakers.

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