Dr. Kiran Bedi

Aug 13, 04

“It is tough to go against the wave, but at least you reach where nobody else can.” Dr. Kiran Bedi

Before starting to write about her, I googled her name (the de rigueur) and was pleasantly surprised to see that she had a website. So I will not go into the details of her numerous awards, her career but try to share with you why I find her a remarkable leader.

Kiran Bedi stands out in her ability and conviction to do what is right and not succumb to pressure. Before International recognition and the awards,life as an officer in the Indian Police Service Officer (the first women to reach that position) certainly would not have been easy. Yet, she chose to make a difference and contribute to any job she was assigned and to whichever place she was posted. Be it in her early years as a Traffic Police Officer, when she earned the nick name ‘Crane Bedi’ for her liberal use of cranes to remove wrongly parked vehicles (including that of then prime Minister, Indira Gandhi). To take decisions that may go against the thinking of senior management is something that many of us contemplate in our jobs but hesitate for fear of repercussions.

Other qualities that make her stand out as a Remarkable Leader:

  • Her ability to use the resources within her reach to meet her goals
  • Looking beyond the ‘Not within our span of control’, ‘beyond my authority’ and ‘not possible’, phrases commonly used in government careers
  • A holistic approach to solving problems
  • Innovative solutions that made a huge impact
  • Tenacity and Determination
  • A can do spirit
  • Integrity
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