Workplace Bullying: What should organizations be doing about it?

Jul 10, 06

From our recent HR News and Views newsletter:

Workplace bullying in much more prevalent than recognized or even acknowledged. In an age, where aggressive behaviour helps achieve results, where workplace pressure is at an all time high in terms of responsibilities and deadlines, it is all to easy to cross the boundaries and becoming ‘ruthless’ and a ‘bully’.”One in four are bullied in the workplace” is a statistic stated on the Andrea Adams Trust , UK based charity dedicated to addressing workplace bullying. The Trust, named after Andrea Adams, a broadcaster and journalist, who first coined the term and published a book called ‘Bullying at Work’ in 1992. Since then, various studies done across Europe, America and Australia reflect significant levels of workplace bullying that should make HR professionals and senior managers to address issues arising out of it.

What is Workplace bullying?

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