Which of your skills is going to be valued in the market place in the year ahead?

Feb 3, 06

Market shifts are happening pretty rapidly these days. Davis Masten’s post that 90% of the products that Intel delivers on December 31 did not even exist of January 01 of the same year!!

This New York Times article reports that I.B.M. has identified about a dozen “hot” skills most likely to be in demand over the next three years. This year?s list includes expertise in the life sciences, wireless networks, digital media databases and Linux programming.

While it is critical that organizations develop competencies on the emerging skills, individuals too will need to look at how they can stay relevant.

As Robert B. Reich, a professor of economic and social policy at Brandeis University added in the same article, “The most important community for an individual will not necessarily be a company, but a looser community of people with similar skills and social connections and continually building up those skills and connections is what a career is today.”

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