Use a Scooter Desk

Feb 23, 06

I have wanted to post this for a while now.

While ?innovation? has been widely acknowledged as the need of the hour, the key to survival, little thought is paid to the work place and its importance in stimulating creativity. If at all, we have some great reception areas and conference rooms but beyond that mostly Dilbertesque cubicles.

Jiri Vanmeerbeeck?s scooter desk comes like a breath of fresh air…makes you want to sit down? converse, read a book, work on your laptop. It is ergonomically friendly too.

Scooter Desk

Jiri , the founder/creator says ?Utilia is based on exploring new needs at the borders of home and office.? and stresses that the scooter desks are ?for occasional use; fun comes first. They are no replacement for a desk.?

Index 2005 where it earned a nomination, lists several interesting and fun uses for the scooter desk.

I liked the uses listed under the semi-public spaces most.

  • filling out forms at post offices/banks
  • self banking
  • ‘laptopping’ at the wifi-spot in the airport lounge
  • flipping through a book in the library
  • as laptop desks in hotel rooms
  • as touch down stations for guards in museums or shops
  • reading magazines in waiting rooms

  • at (adult) schools for outside lectures and mini auditoriums
  • outdoor sketching in the park or zoo
  • hostess checking in passengers at the airport

  • doctor doing his rounds in the hospital
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