The Overflowing Inbox

Aug 4, 04

David Gurteen shares the results of a recent survey on email at the workplace. It offers interesting insights on the prevalent email culture at the workplace today.

The study is useful to HR practitioners who wish to understand how email is having an impact on work and as a source of stress.

Some findings:

  • Average estimate of 52 emails received per day
  • An average of 262 emails currently sit in people?s inbox
  • 31.7% often feel anxious about the volumes of emails then need to deal with.
  • You may download the survey results here. (Registration required)

    Thanks David.

    If you personally wish to do something about it, here are two books that I have found extremely useful:

    Getting things done: mastering the art of stress-free productivity, David Allen.
    He also looks at ?tackling the Inbox?. Check his website for more details.

    An article by one of the coaches on Keeping your In-Box “Real”

    Simplicity Survival Handbook, 32 Ways to Do Less and Accomplish More by Bill Jensen

    Click Here to read a chapter on how to delete 75% of your emails (registration required)

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