Talent Management

It is a proven fact, that satisfied employees are high contributors and performers.

Revenue Enhancement

  • In the B2C (retail) domain: Using ChaRM©, a proprietary channel management process that works on the distribution channel and both cuts operational costs as well as increases retail sales by up to 15%
  • In the B2B (corporate) domain: Account Relationship Management – the optimal alignment of sales, technology, support operations and relationship management, coupled with systematic tracking in an account dossier, to deliver radical improvements in repeat business and account penetration

Revenue Retention

  • Churn prediction modeling: Creating a customized model to predict potential churners
  • Customer and Revenue Retention Strategies: Unique “Three P’s of Retention”© methodology that can help reduce churn by up to 20%
  • Value based segmentation modeling: Creating a customized model to dynamically rate customers on total lifetime value

Customer Centricity

  • Customer experience impact analysis: Mapping customer lifecycle elements to customer experience
  • Customer experience co-creation: setting up a customer experience lab, working with customers to provide process modification inputs for evolving greater customer centricity