Role of Bosses as Mentors

May 2, 05

I was reading Subroto Bagchi?s Co-Founder and CEO of Mindtree Consulting article on the bosses who influenced him in last month?s issue of Business World.

Some lessons from the article that stayed with me:

  • “A job is never dull or interesting. People make it dull or interesting. A job is never stupid or strategic; it is man who is stupid or strategic.”
  • “When a seed is sprouting from under a rock, the rock?s presence is all-powerful. It has the power to obstruct, even to crush the sprouting seed. But as the seed sprouts and a tiny, fragile sapling grows from under, it softly circumvents the rock above it. And one day, it becomes a large tree. On that day, the rock remains at its feet. We have to have the tenacity of the tree.”
  • Incidentally,Mindtree?s logo was designed by Chetan K S, a student of the Spastics Society of Karnataka, India who has motor and speech disability.

    To read it in Subroto Bagchi?s own words, read Making of MindTree – I Page 25

    Have you had a boss you has been an inspiring force in your career?

    Do write in through the Contact Us and I would be happy to compile it and make it available in a later posting

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