Peter Drucker: His Legacy to Modern Management Part II

Dec 31, 05

From this month’s issue of HR News and Views

Part II: Future Trends at the workplace

  • Split careers
  • With careers spanning from 20 to 70, organizations will see two distinct groups at the workplace, namely those below 50 and those over 50. Peter Drucker believes that longevity will be one of the reasons for the split in the job market. ?A 50-year working life?unprecedented in human history?is simply too long for one kind of work.? It means that organizations need to recognize that those over 50 will be in good physical and mental shape to contribute as knowledge workers. It would also mean that women who will form a significant percentage of the knowledge workforce will be in a position to take time off to be with their children over a significant period and still be able to return to the workforce.

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