Is your work stressing you out?

Jul 22, 04


  • Are you missing important family commitments because of work pressure?
  • Are you sometimes rude or bad mannered at work and attribute this to stress?
  • Do you wish for more breaks and flexi work hours?
  • Some interesting findings from recent surveys conducted in UK on stress levels at the workplace:

    -Most people are running on empty as they are coping with higher workloads and longer work hours. In fact workplace stress is now the fastest cause of absence from work in Britain.

    – Managers say they are missing important family commitments because of work pressure that leaves their batteries flat by the weekend.

    – Most office workers admit to being rude or bad mannered at work – two-thirds blamed pressure of work for their outbursts.

    – Respondents want to see companies offer more career breaks, sabbaticals, term-time working and subsidised home working.

    However long hours and work related pressure and stress become irrelevant if employees are clear of their contribution, had a sense of purpose, are appreciated for their efforts and feel empowered to do their jobs.

    Read more at BBC News

    The opening line certainly creates a vivid picture: ?It can be lonely at the top – especially when it feels like a boa-constrictor is wrapping itself around your chest.

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