Here is how the World’s Richest Man stays Rich!

Jun 9, 05

jugs Bill Gates goes on a “Think Week” period of seclusion where he ponders the future of technology and to decide on the future direction of Micrsoft.

“It’s a twice-yearly ritual that can influence the future of Microsoft and the tech industry. A Think Week thought can give the green light to a new technology that millions of people will use, or send Microsoft into new markets”

“Think Week’s reading and thinking spawns a flood of e-mail and comments from Gates. A paper might inspire an e-mail to dozens of employees around the world.”

“Employees anticipate the week with hopes that their projects will get a green light or influence the company’s direction. “It’s the world’s coolest suggestion box,” says Stephen Lawler, a Microsoft general manager of the MapPoint group”

Read Bill Gates daily routine during “Think Week” here

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