Creative Generalist

Feb 16, 08

If you’ve ever questioned the importance of generalists in your team or if you are a generalist and want to see how your role should be, then check out this well researched and thought out article by Steve Hardy on Creative Generalists.

Some core traits identified by him are:

  • Wander & Wonder – finding possibility
  • Entertain curiosity and ask unasked questions.

  • Synthesize & Summarize – presenting information
  • Connect the dots and present complex information succinctly

  • Link & Leap – generating ideas
  • Take a simple insight and find a transcending application.

  • Mix & Match – connecting people
  • Make worlds collide and harness collaborative energies.

  • Experience & Empathize – understanding worldview
  • Understand humanity and life’s many interrelationships.

    HR professionals in organizations should be mainly be “creative generalists” given the fact that most of the specialised or administrative work can be outsourced and people management responsibilities (recruitment, performance management and the like) rests or should rest with the Businesses’.

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