Change and lessons drawn from the Gate 3 WorkClub experiment

Feb 3, 05

To continue from the previous post:

Neil’s observations on change,people’s response to it and the inherent issues associated with implementing change:

Ok, so I got a few things wrong too ? or simply chose to ignore what I already knew well from having worked on dozens of innovations in consumer electronics and office systems over the years:

  • Change happens slowly. Especially when it involves changing people?s behavior.
  • Systemic change of any kind is the hardest to broach, and takes the longest time.
  • Self employed people part with their money very reluctantly, even when it is for something they would really like to have.
  • Corporations make decisions VERY slowly and embrace small changes with extreme resistance.
  • Work and food are very closely associated for most people.
  • Getting a work environment to function smoothly for 150 people, each with unique requirements, processes and preferences takes a lot of work, effort and diligence.
  • People are way more attentive to things that don?t work smoothly than to things that do.
  • The adage that ?anything that can go wrong, will? is still pertinent, particularly with new, complex systems.
  • ?Build it and they will come? is a fantasy most suited to Hollywood movies.
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