May 18, 05

From Shashi Tharoor’s most recent book “Bookless in Baghdad”

“To me, books are like the toddy tappers?s hatchet, striking through the rough husk that enshrouds our minds to tap into the exhilaration that ferments within.?

?More than a century ago, Walter Pater wrote of art as ?professing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass?. That may be all that reading offers, but it is no modest aspiration.

Surely all book lovers would testify to that!

The following sites will keep you abreast with the business books that keep come out every year, what?s good and the nuggets of wisdom within:


You?ll definitely be on top of what?s happening in the world of business books by reading their thoughtful and well reviewed posts.

Keep up the good work Todd, Jack and the team.

Another site where you can good insights into books in Tom Peters website;

What Tom’s Reading and Interviews with Tom’s Cool Friends

Between the two sites, you?ll come away thinking, ?How on earth am I going to catch up!?

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