Customer Satisfaction Survey

"Our key differentiating feature is our fanatical approach to customer satisfaction."

- John Chambers CEO, Cisco

Any company wishing to maintain its competitive edge must relentlessly focus on its customers. Any customer driven company needs to not only anticipate its customer’s needs and expectations but also fulfil them.

The only way this can be achieved is through asking your customers to let you know what is important to them and then go about fulfilling them. An objective and systematic way of doing it is through conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys.

This is what a leading player in the IT industry does every year

IBM conducts fourteen comprehensive customer surveys that are administered by an independent research firm. Names are sourced from external lists (not the sales force) and we interview almost 100,000 customers and non customers every year. Surveys are conducted in thirty languages in fifty-five countries, and they compare our performance against those of all our major competitors. Most important, the data are incorporated into our tactical and strategic plans on a semi-weekly basis.”

Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance
– Louis V Gerstner, Jr.

Some key questions to ask

  • What are your customers saying?
  • How do you compare against your competitors?
  • How satisfied and more importantly how loyal are your customers to your services and products?
  • What are your customers’ expectations?

Jigyasa conducts customer satisfaction surveys, through interviews, online and paper based questionnaires.

What are the benefits of Jigyasa Customer Satisfaction Survey?

  • Provide verifiable and actionable data that can set benchmarks for continuous improvement.
  • Establish the Key Success Factors that contribute to Customer Satisfaction.
  • Provide a model that provides ease of administration and is applicable to multiple locations.
  • Provide data that will enable the organization to set standards in the area of customer service. These standards can be also be used for measuring and rewarding performance.
  • Enable the organization to draw up future plans for growth based on customer needs.
  • We will develop a Customer Satisfaction Scorecard which can measure various categories such as Product quality, Shipping, Price, Service and Support.