Mystery Shopping

Through Mystery Shoppers

"It is a proven fact that it takes 10 times the resources to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one."

- Jack Welch

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, quality customer service has become the key differentiator to survive. If you don’t take care of your customers, your competitors will.

What gets measured gets done. Without measurable performance standards employees are left to guess what good service is, and when that happens, you constantly disappoint customers. In your organization, are the customer service personnel aware of the standards for service excellence? Are the standards being complied with?

Sales Numbers get reviewed, targets get set… Why hesitate to measure Customer Service. Mystery shopping provides the barometer to measure customer service, looks for positive behaviour and corrects areas of weaknesses.

Where do we come in?

We will help you monitor Customer Service standards with the help of mystery shoppers who will observe everything from store cleanliness to product quality to employee friendliness. We will:

    Assist you in determining your needs.

  • Custom design a form to evaluate your service.
  • Conduct Mystery Shopper Survey.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive report of the Survey and recommendations to improve your service.

What do Mystery Shoppers do?

They are the windows to have a view of customer satisfaction. Mystery Shoppers visit client locations as regular customers and evaluate the transaction from the customer’s perspective. They rate the experience against predetermined criteria and the information is processed into a usable form for the company.

What are the steps in the Mystery Shopper Survey?

1. Service Standards

Do you have measurable standards? To set service standards, first you must understand what customers want. One can conduct customer surveys, customer interviews and competitive analysis to set standards. Some examples:

  • Phones will be answered in three rings.
  • Food delivery will be done within 45 minutes of placing the order.
  • Customers should not queue for more than five minutes.

Even friendliness can be measured by identifying specific behaviours people associate with friendliness (i.e. eye contact, a smile, a verbal greeting, focused attention and a “thank you”).

2. Track Compliance of Service Standards

Mystery Shoppers will observe customer service behaviour on various parameters relevant to the organization. For example a restaurant could measure the following aspects:

  • Behaviour of customer service personnel: helpful, courteous, knowledgeable about food served and clued-in to the promotions during the period.
  • Speed of service: Is prompt in bringing the menu card, taking orders, bringing the food, clearing the table and presenting the bill.
  • Others: Cleanliness of the restaurant, layout of the tables.

With a Jigyasa Mystery Shopper programme, your business will receive measurable data as feedback. You can objectively compare different locations, shifts, and employees using the same standards.

What are the benefits of a Jigyasa Mystery Shopper Programme?

Data can be used:

  • To measure Customer Service Standards and understand customer behaviour.
  • To reward positive behaviour.
  • To identify areas for improvement and training.
  • To improve the bottom line through repeat customers and increase in sales.