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Read An operational perspective of the Telecom Industry Blog

‘Driven - Inside BMW, the most admired car company in the world’ by David Kiley
 -  Posted by Deepa on Jan 26 2005 [Books]

I have just started reading ?Driven ? Inside BMW, the most admired car company in the world? by David Kiley

It promises to be interesting and I hope to be writing more about it.

I asked Panke, (BMW?s chairman Dr. Hemut Panke) who was a consultant at Mckinsey and Co. before joining BMW in 1982, what he would tell companies seeking insight from BMW if he were still charging McKinsey big bucks for his advice. Said Panke, “I would say: Focus on understanding who you are, what you stand for. What are the values you have in the organization? What are the values you believe in for the products and services you sell and provide? People like to play charades when they are children. But in real life you cannot impersonate other values and characters and basic principles. There is a sentence I often use to crystallize what we are about. And I think it?s important to be able to do that: to articulate the one idea in one sentence that captures the company?s character so that every one understands and believes it. ‘BMW builds high performance products because BMW is a high performance organization.? It is across seemingly unrelated fields and organizations within the company. Striving for better performance than our competitors is something that drives our controllers and our human resources people, not just our designers and engineers.”

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Who are likely to be more successful: Those who focus on their work or those who focus equally on work / home/hobby?
 -  Posted by Deepa on Jan 24 2005 [Workplace habits]

An interesting study by Ellen Galinsky of Families and Work Institute called ?Leaders in a Global Economy? on how men and women in 10 multinationals have dealt with primarily the following two questions:

  • ?In the past year, how often have you put your job before your personal or family life??
  • ?In the past year, how often have you put your personal or family life before your job??
  • The findings throws up some very interesting aspects of what is becoming a priority for people at work and who ultimately are more successful.

    While 61% of the respondents were what one would call ?work-centric?, nearly 32 % put the same priority on their lives on and off the job (dual-centric). Some of these could also be tri-centric (work, home and a third area- a hobby / community work)

    What difference does it make to be dual-centric?

  • People who put the same priority on work and their personal/family life?who are dual- centric?have the highest ratings for feeling successful at work.
  • Those who fall into the extremes; that is, put a higher priority on either work or family feel the least successful at work.
  • While Dual-Centric people actually work about 5 hours less per week compared to work-centric people, there is no difference to visible success indicators such as compensation, number people they supervise or their reporting level.

    In addition:

  • 26 percent of dual-centric people experience moderate or high levels of stress, compared with 42 percent of those who are not dual-centric.
  • Significantly fewer (31%) of people who are dual-centric find it difficult or very difficult to manage both demands than those who are not dual-centric (56%).
  • So what should organizations be doing?

    Be able to design appropriate ?work-life balance? policies and more critical, create an environment to encourage people to be ?dual-centric?.

    So, if multi-tasking was not enough, this age demands we be multi-focused in mutli-areas too! (with similar levels of competence!)

    Read the summary

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    Is it going to be the age of “contract” or “portfolio” careers?
     -  Posted by Deepa on Jan 19 2005 [Trends]

    Consider these findings from a survey conducted by Top Consultants.

  • Contract Consulting is now a lifestyle and career option being pursued increasingly by a younger generation of consultants. About 30% of contractors have less than 5 years of consulting experience and 65% have less than 10 years consulting experience.
  • A staggering 42.8% of contract consultants are now working primarily for consulting firms rather than direct for end-clients.
  • I believe that the “need for contract staff” increased with organizations needing to fill the gap arising out of specific short term assignments while at the same time needing to keep a control on manpower numbers and managing the uncertainties in business.

    In addition technology has made it possible to engage staff from any corner of the world.

    Technology and vagaries of business will continue to ensure that this trend will continue.

    Any thoughts? Any opinion?

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    The top six challenges dominating the “world of work” in the year 2005 and beyond: Part I
     -  Posted by Deepa on Jan 6 2005 [Trends]

    Here is what I think would be the top six dominating challenges for organizations in the year 2005 and beyond:

  • Innovation
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Outsourcing
  • Multi-cultural and Multi-location groups
  • Work-place demographics and lifestyle expectations: free agents, tech generation, baby boomers
  • Networking tools: Impact on learning and collaboration
  • To read more about the top three issues, go

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    Warm Wishes for a peaceful and disaster free 2005!
     -  Posted by Deepa on Jan 1 2005 [General]

    2004 ended on a solemn note with the Tsunami taking a heavy toll in this part of the world. While Singapore, the country where I reside has been spared, Tamil Nadu my home state in India has been ravaged.

    This blog was the best thing that happened last year and with it I had the pleasure of meeting a great bunch of people across the globe including some great, passionate bloggers.

    I am thankful to you, dear readers for your encouragement. Thank you for making this blog possible.

    In particular, I would like to thank Gautam Ghosh for sending the maximum readers to my blog.

    I hope the new year brings peace, harmony and joy to all.

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